Saturday, July 26, 2014


Last night we went out for some Mexican Wrestling, 70's disco, and way way too much tequila with our new friends Steph and Angus. Oh and we ate more delicious street tacos…a few times. And a bacon wrapped hot dog with smashed dorritos on it. Who cares! I don't!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We back.

It’s 10:16 the night before we set out for another adventure. A few things are the same. We’re both following our hearts and making that great step out into the unknown. We’re both hoping not to fall flat on our faces. We both are filled with so much excitement we feel as though we might puke on each other at any given moment. I quit a job that I love, again. We’re leaving friends we have grown closer to, and shared many amazing nights, weekends, and hungover Breaking Bad marathons with. And of course we have the upmost faith that the highs and lows of the next few months to a year will bring us closer, make us stronger, and help us become better people in general.

A few things are different this time. I’m older. Much older. I’m also married. Oh and I have a fucking awesome tattoo that I got at the end of the last trip to remind me to do the very thing I’m about to do. 

This time our goal is to land jobs in Europe…so there we have a goal. It’s actually a dream we both shared independently before we ever met. So we’re putting it out into the universe and on electronic paper. AT THE END OF OUR TRAVELS WE WILL BOTH BE GETTING JOBS IN ADVERTISING (IF THAT’S WHAT SABRINA WANTS TO DO, I KNOW I SURE DO) THUS FUFILLING A LIFE LONG DREAM.

The other thing that’s different, and that I also want to write down, is I’m terrified. There I said it. I’m terrified that I left my amazing job. Terrified that I’m leaving this amazing apartment that we have been blessed with. Terrified of money going out and not coming in. Of no more Breaking Bad couch marathons. Missing our friends. Missing our families. Going to strange places. Jumping into who the hell knows what. Terrified that I’m terrified. WHEN I’VE ALREADY DONE THIS!

But this is good. This is where I need to be. We swore on our last trip we would never let fear make decisions for us. We agreed that fear is the body/brains way of telling you you’re alive. You’re doing something different. We convinced ourselves that fear is a good thing. Well I have a lot of it right now, but I’m embracing it. Packing that fear up into my new backpack and hitting the road, to find whatever the hell I’m supposed to find. I can’t wait. I’m scared shitless.

 A SIDE NOTE: When I was writing this I started thinking of my sister Meghan. A couple years back she made a similar decision. She identified her goals, envisioning what she wanted her life to be like. She decided she wanted to move to London and marry a British guy. So she did it. ALONE. Packed up her shit in NY and moved to London. Got a temporary position at Burberry filling in for someone who was on maternity leave. A couple years later she is rocking the shit out of her job and flying all over the planet doing fashion stuff…oh and she met a rad British guy who she’ll be marrying in oct. It makes me unbelievable proud that my little sister took life by the nuts like that and made her dreams happen. It also makes me laugh that here I am shitting myself on my couch in Venice, thinking about doing a similar thing, when I’m not doing it alone. I’m doing it with my wife. So what, my sister has bigger balls than me. I can throw a tighter spiral.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new addition

Purdy aint she?

I think I ate the bad mushrooms

That's the only rational explanation I have for what I've just gone through. The most amazing year of my life. The most amazing things my eyes have ever seen. The most amazing people. All this year, and completely all unbelievable.

As soon as the wheels touched US soil the disbelief set in. Had I truly traveled around the world for an entire year? Was that me trampsing through cow shit in the middle of Delhi? Or was it all a dream? A hallucination? Had I really done it?

Everything at home looks and feels the same. It's hard to wrap my mind around.

This is my last trip blog, the one about coming home. I know or at least thought this one would be a long essay about the things I learned on my year abroad and the person I have become, but all of that is too cloudy right now. Too hard to make sense of. I think I'll notice the changes piece by piece, little by little each day. As for the essay, I guess I just don't have the words.

what I will do is thank everyone who made this year possible.

First off Sabrina. Without you I would have never made it out of Los Angeles. You were the absolute perfect person to travel with, my best friend and the woman I love. Everyday, even the days I awoke to you peeing in the sink above my head, were the best days of my life. You not only showed me that I can truly love another person you also taught me how to love my life. You're amazing.

Thanks to all the people I met along the way. Even if I never see you again you have changed my life forever. You've opened my eyes to the world and reignited my imagination. Dave, Nelly, Cameron, Mikey, Meredith, Geoffrey, Kirstie and Hannah there's not a chance in this world we dont see each other again.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers. Especially Hillary, Hugh, Alexandra, John, and Anne. You made us feel like family when we were thousands of miles away from our own.

Thank you to Sabrina's Egyptian family. You welcomed us to Egypt with open arms and truly made our trip one we will always remember.

Thanks to all the folks at Secret Weapon for making the trip possible in the first place. Dick, Leah, Cam, Pat, and of course Jack (sorry about that whole bird chewing your face thing.)

Thanks to my family for missing me while I was gone. It made me feel purdy special.

Lastly thanks to God. (this is not my Emmy acceptance speech), but instead something that means alot to me. I asked God to protect us during our trip, to keep my heart burning with curiosity for the world, to keep my eyes open to all it's wonder. He never let me down for a second. I felt his presence in every step I took.

There's no way I can express what this year was like, I can only know for certain that this is the path I want to continue to walk down. There's so much of the world left to see. I plan on seeing as much as I can.

So I'll keep writing about it and hopefully you'll keep reading.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

whats the deal with people stealing shoes

whilest surfing the other day I buried my $5 walgreens flippity flops in the sand. After wowing everyone on the beach with my surfing skills I headed back to collect my flops.


Just like my sneakers a week before.

Now Im walking around literally shoeless throughout New Zealand. No shoes.

I hope whoever stole my flip flops gets ring worm.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anyone seen my shoes?

After 11 months on the road, literally walking through cow shit, foreign sidewalks, beaches, Macchu Picchu, salt flats, Hindu Temples, caves, glaciers, and the like...I have lost my shoes.

I'm heart broken.

I literally was going to frame them when I got home.

The van we are living in has a wonderful storage area under our bed. Perfect for throwing your shoes into when youre done for the day..if it had the net I wanted to install which would have kept said shoes from falling out of the van.

They fell out somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand.

The only thing keeping me from cutting my feet of is the idea Sabrina put into my head. She said "the shoes probably realized the trip was near its end and they decided they weren't done traveling. So they left."

I can get down with that. Good luck shoes wherever your travels may take you.

This one is for me, so I never forget

to not count your John Grudens before they hatch.