Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new addition

Purdy aint she?

I think I ate the bad mushrooms

That's the only rational explanation I have for what I've just gone through. The most amazing year of my life. The most amazing things my eyes have ever seen. The most amazing people. All this year, and completely all unbelievable.

As soon as the wheels touched US soil the disbelief set in. Had I truly traveled around the world for an entire year? Was that me trampsing through cow shit in the middle of Delhi? Or was it all a dream? A hallucination? Had I really done it?

Everything at home looks and feels the same. It's hard to wrap my mind around.

This is my last trip blog, the one about coming home. I know or at least thought this one would be a long essay about the things I learned on my year abroad and the person I have become, but all of that is too cloudy right now. Too hard to make sense of. I think I'll notice the changes piece by piece, little by little each day. As for the essay, I guess I just don't have the words.

what I will do is thank everyone who made this year possible.

First off Sabrina. Without you I would have never made it out of Los Angeles. You were the absolute perfect person to travel with, my best friend and the woman I love. Everyday, even the days I awoke to you peeing in the sink above my head, were the best days of my life. You not only showed me that I can truly love another person you also taught me how to love my life. You're amazing.

Thanks to all the people I met along the way. Even if I never see you again you have changed my life forever. You've opened my eyes to the world and reignited my imagination. Dave, Nelly, Cameron, Mikey, Meredith, Geoffrey, Kirstie and Hannah there's not a chance in this world we dont see each other again.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers. Especially Hillary, Hugh, Alexandra, John, and Anne. You made us feel like family when we were thousands of miles away from our own.

Thank you to Sabrina's Egyptian family. You welcomed us to Egypt with open arms and truly made our trip one we will always remember.

Thanks to all the folks at Secret Weapon for making the trip possible in the first place. Dick, Leah, Cam, Pat, and of course Jack (sorry about that whole bird chewing your face thing.)

Thanks to my family for missing me while I was gone. It made me feel purdy special.

Lastly thanks to God. (this is not my Emmy acceptance speech), but instead something that means alot to me. I asked God to protect us during our trip, to keep my heart burning with curiosity for the world, to keep my eyes open to all it's wonder. He never let me down for a second. I felt his presence in every step I took.

There's no way I can express what this year was like, I can only know for certain that this is the path I want to continue to walk down. There's so much of the world left to see. I plan on seeing as much as I can.

So I'll keep writing about it and hopefully you'll keep reading.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

whats the deal with people stealing shoes

whilest surfing the other day I buried my $5 walgreens flippity flops in the sand. After wowing everyone on the beach with my surfing skills I headed back to collect my flops.


Just like my sneakers a week before.

Now Im walking around literally shoeless throughout New Zealand. No shoes.

I hope whoever stole my flip flops gets ring worm.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anyone seen my shoes?

After 11 months on the road, literally walking through cow shit, foreign sidewalks, beaches, Macchu Picchu, salt flats, Hindu Temples, caves, glaciers, and the like...I have lost my shoes.

I'm heart broken.

I literally was going to frame them when I got home.

The van we are living in has a wonderful storage area under our bed. Perfect for throwing your shoes into when youre done for the day..if it had the net I wanted to install which would have kept said shoes from falling out of the van.

They fell out somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand.

The only thing keeping me from cutting my feet of is the idea Sabrina put into my head. She said "the shoes probably realized the trip was near its end and they decided they weren't done traveling. So they left."

I can get down with that. Good luck shoes wherever your travels may take you.

This one is for me, so I never forget

to not count your John Grudens before they hatch.

Bah Humbug

We're having a bad day today. Just kinda beat down from traveling. You know being on the road for 12 months and all. We're in Wellington, which is a spitting image of San Francisco (seriously they're like carbon copies) and I think it's making us a little home sick. Factor that in with the fact that most every New Zealander we meet is a complete uber asshole and we've decided to take our frustrations out on the following list. We do not mean to offend we just mean to get things off our chest.

Here are the things we've learned to hate (if only temporarily) in a year of traveling.

- people speaking with an accent
- looking at maps
- people. in general.
- foreigners
- wearing the same clothes every day
- walking around cities in flip flops because your shoes disappeared
- having to figure out where you are going to sleep every single night
- New Zealanders. SERIOUSLY.
- guitars
- having a headache
- losing my sunglasses
- people who don't understand the concept of personal space
- having to pay for a shower
- having to pay for internet
- the phrase, "what do you want to do"
- the phrase "i dont know what do you want to do."
- having to charge things daily because your batteries last 15 minutes.
- "sweet as"
- having the same conversation over and over again.
- being hungover
- not being drunk
- not being able to chill out
- not having our own space to chill out in
- people saying "blah blah blah when you get back to the real world blah blah blah"
- people honking at you when they pass as if youre not driving the speed limit.
- new zealnd radio stations
- john gruden, the miami hurricanes, the miami heat, jacory harris, and the entire national sports media
- losing the car keys
- losing the luggage locks
- losing my hair bands
- losing my ATM card
- losing the electric converter
- losing the phone charger
- losing the internet usb
- finding foreign currency we forgot to exchange
- looking for free wi-fi
- 10 am check outs
- money
- snotty hostel owners who look at us like were homeless because we sleep in van (by choice)
- the thought of getting a job again
- Ke$ha and the fact she spells her name with a dollar sign.
- facebook status updates
- waiting for pictures to upload
- counting megabytes
- not wanting to travel but not wanting to go home
- being fat
- being out of shape
- being constipated
- having the shits
- mosquito and sandfly bites that itch so bad you can't sleep at night
- overpriced adventure activities
- overpriced gas
- overpriced beer
- peeing in a bottle (the novelty has worn off)
- I would say 'peeing in the sink', but that would require me to admit that I pee in the camper van sink.
- meeting people everyday you'll probably never see again
- carrying a fucking backpack everywhere i go
- feeling like you cant afford anything, and always having to buy it anyway
- lonely planets
- being the new person in a hostel and having every upity ass traveler look at you like you have leprocy.
- having to listen to how many countries dude with a guitar and girl with dreadlocks has traveled to.
- meeting americans who make you hate america

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nov 19 2010

I'm a bad parent. This is what happens when you leave your Jack attena ball unattended. Killer birds descend from the heavens and make him their lunch.

Sorry Jack.